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Dishwasher InstallationEvening Calls Are No Extra Charge!

Fell in love with letting a machine clean your dishes while you find something better to do? Hoyt Appliance Repair can install your machine so you don't have to settle for dishpan hands. Check out these Handy Dishwasher Tips while you dial Hoyt for help!

Handy Tip #1: Getting Your Dishes to Fully Dry

Energy consciousness has entered the kitchen, and some of its effects may call for adjustments in machine use to obtain optimal results. While all dishwashers used to depend entirely on heat to dry the dishes, manufacturers are leaning 'green' now, instead. What that means is that beautiful new dishwasher your kitchen sports now may not have a heater included in the design. Evaporation of water droplets is still the goal, but now a drying agent that enhances evaporation rates is automatically added during the final rinse cycle. It's as simple as filling that little reservoir every few weeks. Read up on your particular manufacturer's recommendations in your user manual.

Handy Tip #2: Dealing With Those Rust Stains

Water supplies in some locations have excessively high iron content resulting in those ugly rust stains building up inside you dishwasher. What to do? Next time you're at the grocer, pick up a bottle of Tang drink powder. Just start your dishwasher on its hottest, longest cycle with a half cup of Tang inside. You'll be amazed at how fresh the interior of your dishwasher will appear!

We do not repair dishwashers, but here are some parts that commonly need repair on a dishwasher to use as a troubleshooting guide:

  • Water inlet valves
  • Door latch/switch
  • Door gasket
  • Overflow switch
  • Timer
  • Drain valve
  • Heating element