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Dryer RepairEvening Calls Are No Extra Charge!

The Clothes Dryer . . . ahhh . . . nothing like a soft, warm blanket out of the dryer on a cold winter night! Hoyt Appliance Repair is prepared to team up with you in restoring that dryer that just quit . . . well . . . drying! Check out these Handy Dryer Tips while you call 800-989-HOYT (that's 800-989-4698) for our prompt, friendly service tech to solve your drying dilemma!

Handy Tip #1: Bird's Nest?

This one might save you a service call... Is your dryer getting hot and turning, but takes multiple cycles to dry your clothes? Likely you have an airflow problem. Could be a birds nest. Could be the flexible ducting at the back of your dryer has become crushed from the unit getting pushed back too far. To test for this problem, just turn the dryer on, then go outside to feel the rate of airflow from you exterior exhaust vent. If the air only comes out lazily–or not at all–your exhaust line may need a closer inspection for a blockage of some kind.

Handy Tip #2: Fabric Softening Techniques

We thought it was great when those handy dryer sheets came out. Trouble is they leave a waxy film inside your dryer exhaust line, increasing the rate of lint buildup inside those exhaust surfaces. That film may also cause temperature irregularities by coating the temperature sensor in your dryer's exhaust line. Be one of the wise: Go back to liquid fabric softener use in the wash cycle. Got a family member whose skin won't tolerate liquid fabric softeners? Try the new rubber balls you just toss into your clothes dryer with the wet clothes. Either way, your dryer will purr its gratitude!

Common parts to repair on a dryer are:

  • Thermostat
  • Heating element
  • Door gasket
  • Door switch
  • Timer
  • Electronic ignition (gas dryers)
  • Drum belt
  • Drum bearing
  • Motor