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Freezer Repair

Probably as recently as your great-grandparents' era, preservation of fresh foods was a tremendous challenge. For many in those days of yore, the only viable option was a dark, cool cellar.

Well, times have changed, and aren't we all thankful: we now have freezers! With this development, we now have the option of safely storing months' of meals for our family's later enjoyment. However, with this capability comes concern: What if my freezer goes on the blink?? Hoyt Appliance Repair to the rescue! We understand the urgency when your stockpile of frozen goods is in danger of warming up!

If you are faced with just such a crisis, call us for an expedited service appointment. Often such failures are quickly resolved by the replacement of a relatively inexpensive part. We'll put that summertime frozen popsicle back in your hand, and that smile back on your face!