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Washing Machine RepairEvening Calls Are No Extra Charge!

Prompt Washing Machine repair is a part of our daily routine at Hoyt Appliance Repair. Our Handy Tips will provide useful reading whether your machine is fresh out of the box, or a several-years-old favorite. Read these three tips while you call us toll free for help at 800-989-HOYT (that's 800-989-4698).

Handy Tip #1: Making Your Detergent Selection

Your selection of the proper detergent for your washing machine is likely already correct. However, formulation varies between top-load and front-load units. Front-load washers require a detergent formulation that has a low sudsing action. Got a front-loader? Be sure to follow your manufacturer's recommendations for 'High Efficiency' detergent, displaying a logo on the front that says 'he'.

Handy Tip #2: How Much Detergent Shall I Use?

Remember, the detergent manufacturer wants you to come back soon to buy another bottle or carton of detergent. Most recommended quantities labels suggest higher usage quantities than necessary...or even healthful, resulting in skin allergic responses in some individuals. Make sure you are not wearing 'soapy' clothes by minimizing your detergent usage. Make your moto: 'Just enough to clean 'em!'

Handy Tip #3: Avoiding a Clogged Drain Pump

Sometimes it's a small garment. Sometimes string from a mop head. Sometimes stuffing from a treasured quilt. The symptom is the same, "My washer won't drain!" Washing machine drain pumps are vulnerable to all those little things. Whether it's lingerie or baby socks, help your washer do its job by placing small items in a zippered lingerie bag. Also remove all that pocket change, you'll need that money for tomorrow's parking meter anyway...Your washer will thank you!

Common parts to repair on a washing machine are:

  • Water pump
  • Lid switch
  • Timer
  • Water level or temperature switch
  • Water inlet valve
  • Drive belts and pulleys
  • Motor